The Doctoral Program of CP 2021

Note: This page contains the call for papers of the program. The webpage of the DP (with the most up-to-date infromation) can be found here

Call for Papers

The Doctoral Program (DP) of CP 2021 is open to all students doing research in constraint programming or related areas, including participants of past DPs. The aim is to gather early-career (student) researchers in order to discuss ongoing research in a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally the DP aims to provide opportunities for students to interact with more experienced researchers.

The DP is a one day event at the main conference. The program will consist of short presentations of the student papers, discussions with senior researchers and networking opportunities. The day will conclude with social games online.

In order to participate in the DP, the students should submit a short paper detailing completed or ongoing research. Submissions to the DP are made via EasyChair. More details can be found further down on the page.

Important Dates

All deadlines and dates are intended as anywhere on Earth
  • (July 5, 2021 July 28, 2021 - Final notification for the main conference)
  • July 16, 2021 July 18, 2021 - Paper submission deadline for the DP.
  • August 22 - Deadline for reviews
  • August 31 - Notification
  • September 17 - Camera-ready version for online proceedings.
  • September 30 - Deadline for upploading videos of the talks.
  • October 25 - 29 - Main conference

Submission Instructions

Students may submit either:
  • An (ongoing) research paper. The paper should include the motivation of the work and provide technical details.
  • A summary of their research / PhD topic.

Submissions must be no longer than eight pages, not including references. Shorter papers are welcome. Students with a paper accepted to the main conference are encouraged to take the second option. Each submission will be reviewed by one student (i.e. participant in the DP) as well as one senior researcher.

The submission format is the same as for the main conference (LIPIcs). The author list must clearly specify the main student author along with advisors and co-authors. Submissions are required to be in PDF format and submitted through EasyChair, by selecting "New Submission".

The submissions to the doctoral program will not be anonymous. However, due to the overlap between the review period for the main conference and the DP, submissions detailing work under review at the main conference can be submitted anonymously. Only submissions that could reveal the identity of the author of a main conference submission can be anonymized. In order for an anonymous submission to be accepted, please send an e-mail to the chair of the DP (Jeremias) including both the submission number of the DP paper, and the submission number of the main conference paper. The submissions will be kept anonymous in EasyChair until final decisions for the main conference have been made.

Papers accepted to the doctoral program will be made available online, but are not published in formal printed proceedings. They may therefore be reused or extended for other conferences in the future.

Videos: The participants of the DP are expected to prepare a short video (max 10 min) presentation of their submission.

Other Information

Any further questions of the DP or the submission procedure can be directed at the chair of the doctoral program: